Life Story Session

Life Story Session at Boma Rescue. The new rescue clients share how they ended up in the streets and what street life has been like.

A visit from Citizen tv

A visit from Nina wa Firethi of Papa Shirandula and Naswa team from Citizen tv. It was awesome having you encourage our boys. Thank you

Reintegration of clients

One of our goals at Napenda Kuishi Trust is Reintegration of clients after succesful Rescue & Rehabilitation. This January, through the grace of God we successfully reunited a boy we rescued from the streets lastContinue reading

2018 Reintegration

2018 Reintegration: Paul and Stephen were recently taken back to school after dropping out for more than a year due to a lack of school fees. They joined Form 2 and 1 respectively at aContinue reading

Christmas Haircut

Today at Boma Rescue, Christmas Haircut “in style…” for our youth from Boma & Kisumu Ndogo. Courtesy of Peter and Joseph, our two new friends who happen to be barbers…

Happy Jamhuri Day

We joined the residents of Kajiado county to celebrate Jamhuri Day. We took the chance to showcase the various talents of our boys and also sensitize the community on drugs and substance abuse and theContinue reading

Fun Team Building

Today at Boma we held a fun team building themed session for our clients where in four teams; Rocket, Angry Birds, Saviour and Puma they took part in challenges creatively thought out by teachers inContinue reading

Occupational Therapy

August 17, 2017 Occupational therapy at the Boma rescue center “the chapati affair”. Lunch was served and then the boys went to the field for some football