Art Therapy Session

Art Therapy Session at Boma Rescue Center: We employed part of the Johari Window and Expressive Art Inspirations to teach on the Self. Clients drew themselves as a Tree with roots depicting things that giveContinue reading

Our May Monthly parents seminar

Our Monthly parents seminar took place today, facilitated by our Project Manager. We continue to empower our parents on better ways to live with their children after rehabilitation.

Back to School Workshops

We held a Back to School Workshop for our beneficiaries. The focus of the workshop was ” Interrogating Academic Performance” Several issues were discussed including: challenges faced by the students in their various schools; waysContinue reading

Monthly parents seminar

We had our monthly parents seminar. The seminar is organized with the main objective of involving the parents in the rehabilitation of their children. Our facilitator focused on: ~Parents roles towards teenagers ~Challenges facing parentingContinue reading

Training Centre

What a big step . The future of our youths is here… We are building a Training Centre for the street youths of Korogocho (Nairobi, Kenya) because the most unfortunate deserve quality training for theirContinue reading


We are grateful to the medical staff at Ol’kalou Disabled Children’s Home for their professional services. Our boy-Justin will now be able to regain normal movement thanks to the prosthetic leg provided to him.

First Day to Church

Today was the first day our clients in Kibiko went to church at St. Ann Kibiko Parish. It was also the first day we put on our new uniforms. We continue with our steps inContinue reading