Exterior Painting

Where the chief walks the disputes are settled,thats the spirit.##painting manenos.2020

Donation to the Police

On June 27, 2020,  we donated 500 masks to Huruma Police Station We continue to partner with the security forces in Slums. It is our belief that young people who have strayed can be redeemed.Continue reading

Group Session at Kibiko Rehabilitation Center

Group Session at Kibiko Rehabilitation Center Step Six We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character This Step requires humility (ability to see ourselves more clearly)

Learning in progress

Its a new year with new things ,with the new team as you can see the boots are on the ground ready to turn raw materials into finished products ,feel free to join the team:Continue reading

Good Friday 2020

 Way of the Cross in Kibiko with our young men in rehab. Kibiko is on lock down due to the present situation. It was a very special moment: through Jesus’ last journey we meditated andContinue reading


We the family of Napenda Kuishi would like to encourage our friends, parents, brothers and sisters all over the world especially in Italy, that IT SHALL BE WELL. WE SHALL OVERCOME. Don’t loose HOPE Don’tContinue reading

Brian ‘Jatelo’ Ochieng

Brian ‘Jatelo’ Ochieng,Our first interaction was in 2018 in the streets of Kisumu ndogo korogocho.We welcomed Brian in our kisumu ndogo center He was only 16 years then. Brian has not only been courageous butContinue reading