ATTENTION ALL:This fundraising in the poster below is a FAKE and a FRAUD!!!Please be aware that Napenda Kuishi HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.It is a fraud to extort money using our name.We do notContinue reading

Sacraments of Initiation at Rongai Residential Rehab

On 2nd Dec, 2023 we celebrated 26 young men from Rongai residential rehab who received sacraments of initiation (baptism,first communion and confirmation). We congratulate the boys for taking a bold step in the right direction.

The 1000 people Challenge!

DEAR FRIENDS HERE IN KENYAGreetings!!!THIS IS JUST FOR YOU!!!!Are you ready???Are you ready to dream, once again, with us and accept the challenge??Our challenge!The 1000 people Challenge!1000 small gestures made by 1000 great heroes!!1000 DreamsContinue reading


BOMA RESCUE CENTERUnderstanding Addiction Recovery Journey- Withdrawal Symptoms presented by Fr. Maurizio Maurizio Binaghi

Trip to Lake Naivasha

Our boys and staff enjoyed a trip to lake Naivasha. This is a program activity done to break class monotony as well as expose our boys, so that they can view life in a differentContinue reading