Our rehabilitation program is based on humanistic approach. Drawing upon the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers, which centers upon the prerequisite of unconditional positive regard for healthy human development, we note that individuals who have suffered from psychic stress and trauma are in particular need of unconditional positive regard in order to gain self-respect, self-confidence and trust and faith in society and in their capacity to successfully reintegrate themselves into society and become contributing members of society.
Our rehabilitation program is therefore built on the idea that successful rehabilitation of street children requires an intentional emphasis on building emotionally intimate, supportive relationships between street children and social workers.
The program runs for a period of one year at the day centres (Boma Rescue and Kisumu Ndogo) and another one year at the residential centre in Kibiko for the most difficult cases.
Some of the activities that take place in our centres on daily basis include:
• Individual counselling sessions
• Group counselling sessions
• Lifeskills sessions
• Out-door sports and games
• In-door sports and games
• Recreational trips and tours
• Music & dance therapy
• Occupation therapy