One of the most important ways you can get involved and help one of our teens is to help with his school education. Many of our teens come from families who are unable –for a variety of reasons – to cater for their education after our program of rehabilitation has been successfully completed. Given the high number of teens we rehabilitate every year, Napenda Kuishi is unable to sponsor all of them and for this reason some of them never complete their education.

By sponsoring the education of one of our well deserving teens you will surely make a huge impact in his life. This sponsorship can by done at an individual level (you or your family alone)  ortogether with some of your friends and/or other families so to mitigate costs.

We have opportunities for sponsorship in both Primary and Secondary school. For more information please contact us at +254 724 206 430 or email us at info@napendakuishitrust.org