Compassion Napenda Kuishi Trust’s COVID-19 Response

In the meantime in Nairobi….
Any kind of restriction, especially in slums and informal settlements becomes a big challenge for casual/day workers, street people, etc.
Hard to balance… no work means no food, but going to work is a risk… and finding it is even harder.
Here in Kenya the Official number of confirmed cases is still somehow low: 363 but only about 18,000 people have been tested.

We at Napenda Kuishi have been feeding our street teens (about 300 teens) daily and now we are giving all of them masks courtesy of some great friends from Nairobi and from Germany who are donating to us 5,000 washable cotton masks.

Lately, in the past 3 weeks, we have provided food for about 3,000 people: children’s homes, homes for the elderly, HIV positives programs, and needy families from Korogocho, Mathare, Huruma, Kariobangi, Dandora, thanks to Team Pankaj
Some other great friends from Italy are helping us in assisting our students and their families from our schools and centers.

We will continue to work even harder – in silence, quietly and professionally, and with no fanfare or useless self serving publicity- to assure all the assistance we can offer to street teens and youth and disadvantaged people and families in our informal settings.

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