The Home is situated in Kibiko, in Ngong town, 30 miles from Nairobi- is a fully equipped residential facility for rehabilitation of youth and street children referred here by our other two centers of Kisumu Ndogo and Boma Rescue or from Government and/or County institutions. It is meant to house and work with the most difficult cases, where youth are heavily addicted, come from very challenging family realities and are victims of all kinds of abuses, including sexual abuses.. The Home allows its beneficiaries to be rehabilitated in a safe environment away from their normal urban environment where access to drugs and alcohol is easy. The guests are attended to by a team of counsellors and social workers who professional guidance and counselling, spiritual, moral and behaviour change programs, together with to the children and integrate them in formal learning institutions or back to their families.  The home has residential capacity of 30 youth.

The rehabilitation program last one full year and it includes individual and group counselling, occupational therapy, skills workshops, art therapy, life skills seminars, recreational activities, sports, etc.

The various therapies and activities carried out in our residential facility include but are not limited to:

  • Individual Counselling
  • Group Counselling
  • Workshop and seminars on various themes mainly on addiction and its related consequences
  • Self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Life skill seminars and workshops
  • Story telling (their stories)
  • Art therapy
  • Dance and music therapy
  • Sport therapy
  • Reintegration into society
  • Family therapy for all clients in the program (individual family therapy and group therapy)
  • School and education related classes on the major subject (Math, English, Kiswahili, etc.) to facilitate school reintegration)
  • Field trios and visits

Kibiko Home also includes a 10 acres farm that, besides providing the grounds for occupational therapy activities, has cows, chickens, dogs, acres of cultivated land and a Green House.

All the activities at Napenda Kuishi Rehabilitation home are supervised by a Center’s coordinator who supervises all programs and staff, including the support staff: cooks, maintenance people and workers in charge of the farm.

Staff: Kibiko Residential Home is staffed by a center’s coordinator, with a MA in Psychology; two licensed counsellors, three social workers and three support staff including cooks, maintenance and farm staff. The home also benefits from the expertise of psychologists, medical doctors and psychiatrists who work regularly with our children and youth.

Napenda Kuishi has also signed an agreement with Kenyatta University in Nairobi where the university will provide interns in psychology, counselling, social work mainly for the residential facility in Kibiko.

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